What are the reasons for black mold growth in your bathroom?

Mold usually attacks bathrooms, and it can be quite problematic because it can cause various health issues and also can damage the structure of your home. But before we find a solution for preventing and removing the mold, we need to know how on earth the mold grows in the bathroom in the first place.

How and why mold grows in the bathroom?

It’s not strange to locate the mold in the bathroom, and one of the obvious reasons for its growth is plenty of humidity and water in the bathroom. It is an ideal habitat for mold, and every time you take a shower, wash hands or face, you actually accelerated its growth.

The water evaporates in the air and creates humidity as well as hot tub and steam from the shower. If the bathroom is not ventilated properly, the black mold tends to grow at a fast pace.

The mold reproduces quite quickly by releasing microscopic spores into the air, while the spores need even the smallest amount of moisture to live. Also, the warmth is not your ally as it will speed up the mold growing process and the black mold could appear within 48 hours after the spores land on moisture surface.

Like any other organism, the black mold also needs food to survive, and any organic matter in your bathroom will feed it. Mold uses dust as the primary food resource, and human skin makes 70%-80% of dust, which is a great source of food for annoying mold.

Those were the essential elements for the black mold to grow, but the minimal light will also speed up the process of its growth because the light in our bathroom is not always on. The mold cannot grow on ultraviolet light, though.

So these are the common causes of bathroom mold:

How to prevent mold?

One of the first things you could do before the mold appears in your bathroom is to take preventative measures, of course. These few tips will keep the black mold away from your bathroom:

How to get rid of the black mold?

If you haven’t prevented the mold from appearing in your bathroom, this is what you need to do in order to remove it:

Now when you know the reasons for the black mold growth in your bathroom, make sure you create a dry and hygienic environment which will prevent the mold from appearing again. It will help in decreasing the unpleasant odor and also minimize the chance of having health problems caused by the annoying black mold.

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