Best Bathroom Paint to Fight against the Humidity

Painting the bathroom is not quite the same as painting other rooms in your house/flat because it requires different paint from the traditional interior latex-acrylic one. A bathroom often struggles with the humidity and moisture, so there are other types of paint, specially made for that area of your home.

The difference between the regular paint and bathroom paint:

Which types of bathroom paint to choose?

Before we get to the actual types of bathroom paint, you must choose the paint textures and colors that closely match your bathroom floor and fixtures. These are the best bathroom paints to protect you from the humidity:

•    Semi-gloss paint

It has a shiny texture which is great at repelling the humidity and moisture and will do a miracle in your bathroom cabinet. Also, the humidity won’t affect it as the semi-gloss paint has a long life span and it doesn’t need high maintenance. You can find specialized semi-gloss paint for bathrooms, designed to prevent the concentration of humidity, mold, or mildew. The only downside of this paint type is that is not perfect for covering imperfections on the wall.

•    Eggshell paint

It will provide additional attractiveness to your bathroom walls with a smoother texture, and lower sheen will help in hiding imperfections, unlike the semi-gloss paint. However, it is important to note that the regular eggshell paint will not protect your bathroom from humidity, so you need to find the one that is meant for bathrooms and spend some extra cash on it.

•    High-gloss paint

It is the most efficient paint in defending your bathroom from the humidity and moisture because it gives the sensation that the walls are coated in plastic. Still, it is not perfect for larger surfaces like walls, but will do just fine with cabinets and trim.

Which products to buy in order to fight off the humidity from your bathroom?

In the price range from $26 to $54, you can find the reliable paint which will surely help to minimize the humidity in your bathroom. We chose the following:

Don’t make a mistake and buy one of the paints which will not do the job in repelling the humidity in your bathroom:

Your problems with humidity will be blown away if you decide to choose one of the paint we recommended in this text. But remember, you need to specifically look for the specialized one rather than to go with a regular paint that will only create a headache and will not do anything in keeping your bathroom humidity-free.

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