Bathroom Mold Will Not Give You Any More Headaches

Bathroom mold is known to be one of those common problems found in any house. It can start from a small spot and grow into something very disgusting or even become a health hazard in some severe cases. Bathroom mold is also considered to be one of the easiest problems to prevent, handle and eradicate from your house. The steps to get rid of it are simple and really not expensive as you may think.


Bathroom Mold Appears Because Of These Common Causes


How Can You Get Rid OfMold Once It Already Appeared?

If the mold problem is not large, you can take a few measures by yourself to get rid of it:


There are four great methods to use the mold-killing products and solve your mold problem:

Method one – Baking soda
This recipe can help you remove a large part of the mold. Make a paste of hot water mixed with baking soda (one cup), liquid soap (one teaspoon) and essential oil (several drops of rosemary, citrus, peppermint, lavender or other oils). 


Method two – Bleach
It should be mixed with water at a rate of 1:2 and transferred into a spray bottle. After you spray the area with mold and it dries, you should spray it again and use a brush to scrub. Rinse the area and repeat the procedure if the mold isn’t gone.


Method three – Vinegar

Take mild white vinegar and put it undiluted in a spray bottle. Because of its mild acidity, vinegar is a great enemy of mold. After you spray it on the problematic areas, it will need an hour to react. Clean the areas with hot water and don’t forget to dry those surfaces afterward to prevent a new mold from appearing. Vinegar is known to kill approximately 82 percent of mold species.


Method four – Ammonia

Remember not to mix bleach with ammonia because you will get extremely dangerous hazardous fumes. Use clear ammonia, spray it on the surface you need and scrub the surface to get rid of the mold.


Mold is not always that obvious when you are looking for it. Sometimes mold appears in hidden areas like the access doors of your shower or under your sink, so you have to look for it very well to be able to clean it.

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