Your Bathroom Needs The Perfect Flooring To Become The One In Your Dreams

If you have bought a new house or you simply want to redecorate your old one, you will also encounter the problem of choosing the best bathroom flooring. This is very different from any other flooring in your home. If you don’t select a suitable flooring for your bathroom, you will end up ruining it quicker. You should base your decision on cost, looks, durability and the most important factor, a large amount of water spilled there every day.


Types Of Flooring Suitable For Your Bathroom

There are only certain types of flooring that can be suitable for your bathroom:


  1. Ceramic or porcelain tiles

Porcelain is placed in the ceramic family. A tile is certified as porcelain if it has a 0.5 percent water absorption rate. Porcelain is considered to be the best choice for bathroom flooring. It is at the same time cost-effective, stylish and the most important thing, waterproof. Compared to stone, porcelain offers a solid and textured feeling. Compared to vinyl, porcelain is definitely waterproof and also not expensive. Compared to the stylish wood flooring, porcelain also offers a great view.  The varieties of porcelain tiles are so diverse that some of them even look like stone or wood. You can create the flooring you like by mixing more types of tiles. However, you should be careful because porcelain can be slippery, so you should get one with a texture or smaller tiles.


  1. Vinyl: tile, sheet or plank

Vinyl is a more popular choice than porcelain for more than one reason. First of all, it has an excellent practicability, and it has good aesthetics. It can also be installed without the need of a specialist. You can do it yourself and you can choose one from a huge amount of style options. It comes in tiles, sheets or planks, but the best choice would be the sheets if there will be a great amount of water spilled. The only inconvenient with sheet vinyl is that you cannot install it on your own easily. You can also choose the luxury vinyl plank type which can be really easy to install.


  1. Natural stone

It is a great choice, but also a really expensive one. Granite, marble, limestone or other types of stones suitable for bathroom flooring have few moisture problems, but natural stone remains a mid-level option because of a few issues. First of all, it sometimes gets really cold and the second issue is that it is kind of slippery, but you can fix this by texturing it or by buying an already textured one.


  1. Engineered wood

Its dimensional stability makes it a better choice than solid wood. The plywood base of the engineered wood can hold up very well against moisture. The top layer is formed of real wood and it will offer a great look.


Even if you choose a cold type of flooring, like natural stone or porcelain, you can heat the floor from underneath. Radiant heating is based on an electric or hydronic system that can heat the bathroom flooring.

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