The best showerhead to reduce humidity in your bathroom

There is nothing more refreshing than taking a warm long shower after a hard day of work.  While you might not think that there are a lot of variables that would affect the quality of this relaxing daily routine, it’s important to remember that a shower head can make a difference between an unpleasant shower and a very enjoyable one.

Picking the right shower head might prove a little bit difficult, however. After all, you probably have no plumbing experience and you easily find yourself lost in the sea of technical jargon thrown at you by fixture manufacturers.

The market is inundated with a plethora of products equipped with a variety of options that would make your head spin. Between fancy lights, expensive materials, and exquisite finishes, you have to wonder how much of that you really need. At the end of the day, you’re probably not too keen on blowing your budget on what might end up being a glorified vanity item. The more suitable approach is to narrow it down to the nitty-gritty of what makes a reliable showerhead and stick to the intrinsic value that the fixture should offer.

You can rest assured as we did the brunt of the work for you and picked one of the best affordable showerheads in the market:  the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1.

This review will demystify all the aspects of what makes it the right choice for you and save you the hassle of sifting through the seemingly infinite amount of options on sites like Amazon.




  A lot of people have an affinity for fixed showerheads. Whether it’s the nostalgic feelings it brings up or the enjoyable rainfall-like experience engendered by the water falling from above, it remains a staple in many bathrooms around the world.

But it’s worthy to note that this fixture has its drawbacks.  A handheld showerhead offers a degree a flexibility that a fixed unit doesn’t afford. Whether it’s cleaning the shower or bathing children and pets, having a wider range of motion are unquestionably useful.

That’s why the 2 in 1 unit from Hydroluxe is the optimal choice for you. 

The handheld head is attached to the fixed unit, allowing you to experience the sensation of water flowing down on you while giving you the option of maneuvering the handheld unit around. You can use each unit separately or both at the same time for maximum water flow patterns.



An unusual feature for showerheads in the price range, the Hydroluxe comes equipped with 5 different modes that set water flow according to your preferences.

Pause mode stops the flow of water while ensuring that pressure doesn’t damage the hose by allowing dribbles of water to flow down.

Power rain mode: Standard setting found in most showerheads. It provides the powerful full body spray you’ll need to quickly wash the soap off your body.

Stay-Warm Mist mode: This mode is an absolute delight. The breezy air that comes out with the water feels very soothing on the skin and gives you the feeling of taking a shower outside.

Water-saving economy rain mode: If you’re conscious about the environmental issues relating to wasting water, this mode is designed to adjust water flow to the necessary minimum.

Massage mode: This mode varies water flow patterns in order to simulate the experience of receiving a massage. Both units could be used to enhance the effect.



One of the main reasons I liked this showerhead is how easy it was to install. There are no plumbing prerequisites and the whole process is very intuitive. Other than the plumber’s tape that comes with the showerhead, you won’t need any additional tools for the installation.

 There aren’t many cons for this showerhead especially when you consider the value it offers for the price, but a minor drawback I noticed is that the water pressure is a little bit underwhelming if you have low pressure where you live.  To fix the issue you’ll have to simply remove the flow restrictors from the main head using a flat-head screwdriver.




It should come as no surprise that the reviews on Amazon are vastly positives. Buyers are mostly raving about the multiple modes that the showerhead boasts and the effectiveness of the dual head. Users also praised the simplicity of the installation process.

Many reviewers noted that the massage and modes helped alleviate some of their back and neck problems. The mist mode was especially appreciated for providing a spa-like experience and was feverishly recommended, with some users going as far as branding it the main selling point of the product.

One aspect that drew unanimity with the reviewers is the price to quality ratio offered by this product. The abundance of features that are often not seen in this price range didn’t escape them as they expressed their amazement over the accessibly priced fixture.

The few negative reviews came from buyers who were disappointed by the materials used to make the showerhead. The fact that plastics makes up most of the fixture didn’t sit well with some as they were expecting it to be made out of a solid metal.


 The pressure problem mentioned previously was also brought up by handful users. Many complained about the fact that the showerhead’s water pressure isn’t up to scratch when you don’t have build in high water pressure. While the fix for this problem is relatively simple, it was seen by some reviewers as a hassle especially since they lack the plumbing know-how.



In conclusion, I can’t recommend this showerhead highly enough. If you live in rented home or simply don’t think spending a lot of money on a bathroom fixture is a good idea, this should be the automatic choice for you.  I can’t see how any product could compete with the hydroluxe in this price category.  You’ll get more than what you paid for!

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