The negative effects of high humidity in your bathroom

High humidity in your house is inevitable. Whether it is coming from the soil, the outside, or generated from the inside as a result of any moisture-producing activity such as washing, cooking, and exercising, you can always assume that the air in your house is relatively humid. While a certain level of humidity is required in order for you to feel comfortable, an excessive level of it can cause some negative effects that are not only limited to discomfort and damage to your house, but might also include exposing you to some unwanted health risks that could affect you and your family, especially the children.

There are various reasons why high humidity is a major nuisance, mainly the fact that it poses some dangers to your health. The principal issue with it is the fact that it creates a fertile environment for several microorganisms that thrive in those conditions. While a lot of these life forms are relatively harmless, a good number of them are directly responsible for triggering strong allergic and asthmatic reactions in children and contribute to increasing the risk of contracting several respiratory diseases. Lowering the humidity level will promptly rid you of these microorganisms as they are not predisposed to withstanding dry air conditions. Besides the microscopic life forms discussed above, several visible effects can be attributed to high humidity. Mold often develops in humid conditions and is responsible for a large number of respiratory problems in children. While some people seem to be less sensitive to mold than others, a lot of studies have shown a direct link between extended exposures to mold and cases of upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze in healthy children. Some species of bugs are also attracted to humidity and your bathroom can end up becoming a breeding ground for them if you don’t control the moisture in the air, resulting in a complete infestation

Your health and bathroom walls aren’t the only things that are susceptible to severe damage because of humidity, Bathroom electronics are prone to malfunction and failure when exposed to the corroding elements of moisture, even if they are specifically designed to handle higher levels of humidity compared to other types of electronics. Most modern bathrooms make use of some kind of electrical gadget, whether it is a programmable shower, a heater, or a high-tech sound system, lowering humidity in the air is imperative if you want to ensure their durability.

The bathroom is the part of your house that is most exposed to the corroding effects of high humidity, and the lack of ventilation of most bathrooms only compounds this problem. Getting rid of this issue has never been easier and the substantial improvement in appliance technology over the past few years gives you a plethora of choice when it comes to bathroom ventilation units. Consider investing in a bathroom fan as soon as possible and protect yourself and your loved ones from any potential health problems.

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